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 Significant changes on this website:
10th of April 2015: added Theoretical Background info to subpage math. visualization
06th of April 2015: subpage sun observation improved and language changed to English
10th of March 2015: created subpage: math. visualization - a demonstration of different numerical partial differential equations solving algorithms
19th of October 2014: created a youtube tutorial about Java Script (below)
16th of June 2014: created self-updating earthquake map which uses the Google Maps API v3 and public accessable raw data from U.S. Geological Survey

 Interesting stuff found in the web:
5th of
July 2016
Great youtube experiment makes myons "visible". Myons are produced when cosmic rays collide with atom nuclei from the upper atmosphere. Cosmic rays can for example originate from solar flares and are mainly protons with very high kinetic energy due to relativistic mass increase.
1st of
May 2016
Also with MATLAB program code it is possible to access any web content in your programs like images, text or files from every web site. You can find many functions for this purpose here:
1st of
Aug 2015
If you are programming Excel-VBA and you are missing a functions reference in the Microsoft off- and online help this site will help you:  functions reference for Excel VBA .
Nice is that you can see there also if a function works only as a workspace or a VBA function or both.
30th of
June 2015
A complete computer for less than 40€: this Chip video compares the Raspberry Pi 2 with its predecessor. For example Internet Radio with a touch screen is a great application example. There are also a lot of different transparent and non-transparent cases available.
12th of
May 2015
Excellent documentation about the flash crash in the stock market in May 2010
The Wall Street Code (vpro backlight - 2013)
26th of
January 2015
Because of massive security issues in the Flash Player, Adobe delivered an update (Windows and Mac: / Linux To verify if this patch is already installed on your system load
More information (German): report on NTV's website
10th of
April 2014
test a server on heartbleed-bug: here you can enter a url to verify
09th of
April 2014
here you can check if your email-identity is known to be unsafe: federel office of Germany for internet security
earthquakes within the last 12 hours with a magnitude stronger than 2.5
(click on marker opens info window; bouncing markers indicate earthquakes within the last 4 hours)

NetBeans IDE 8.0.x is a really great free open source code development environment. One for all - develop and debug HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, C/C++, Java desktop, mobile, and web applications. Nevertheless it is easy to use because functionality for the different languages is only activated when needed and also PHP debugging works perfectly. Forget Zend Studio and eclipse!!